Survey: What would make foreign currency transactions simpler?

What would make foreign currency transactions simpler?

Please complete our short survey on what would make foreign exchange transaction easier.

2018 saw the re-launch of SATFX Online.  SATFX Online was created to enable Xero users to manage their currency invoices in a simple, efficient and cost-effective manner. All invoices in Xero are downloaded automatically into SATFX Online — where you will save money through better-than-bank exchange rates, manage currency risk by purchasing or selling currency forward against invoices, make part payments and decide on the most cost effective payment method. After which, all transactions are automatically reconciled back to Xero.

Since then we’ve been continually evolving the platform through customer feedback and communication with Xero accountants – to take part simply complete our short questionnaire (2min).  We look forward to hearing your thoughts on what would make foreign currency transactions easier – if you would like to have a demo of the current SATFX Online app please contact us.

The key benefits SATFX Online users are currently seeing include:

  • Transparency

Not just on rates – because with SATFX that comes as standard – but transparency across processes for clients and accountants, to ensure that all key information is input in a seamless and intuitive manner.

  • Varying permission levels that are relevant to role

Accountants can see a snap shot of all their client’s transactions and identify their needs in seconds. Similarly, clients can limit user access to ensure compliance and data protection.

  • Partnership service

We believe that you should be able to pick-up the phone and talk to an expert about your queries – no matter your size or question. Therefore, SATFX Online offer a personal account manager for our SATFX Online users so we can support you and your clients with training, best practises and feedback on enquires. In addition to this, we also offer a partner program for accountants – please contact us for more details or book your free demo now.

Finally, we are at Xerocon!

It’d be great to put a face to the name and pick up on the results of this survey at our stand SATFX Online at Xerocon. We look forward to hearing from you.