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Money Services Businesses (MSBs) and Financial Institutions (FIs) that provide remittance services have been neglected by banks. Funds sent home support families and communities in many developing and emerging countries around the world yet without a bank, remittance companies lose the ability to serve their customers.

This is why over the last two years we have worked hard to develop our bespoke solution for the remittance sector designed to help MSBs and FIs deliver their important service to clients.

SATFX began engaging with MSBs and FIs in this sector for the last few years, understanding their frustrations and issues which has led to the creation of a regulated, secure and comprehensive banking, FX and payments platform that provides the infrastructure required so MSBs and FIs can focus on their business and their customers.

Segregated Client Bank Accounts

Since Banks began withdrawing from the sector in 2013, remittance companies have faced big major challenges and battled reluctant partners in order just to stay in business. SATFX can offer UK based segregated client bank accounts in your company name providing you with the foundation to build and grow your remittance flows.

Card Transfers

As the bank accounts we provide are in the name of your institution, they can be linked to your card acquirer and funds can be collected on a daily basis.

Cash Collection

SATFX has partnered with a global cash collection organisation who can collect funds from your premises on a daily basis throughout the UK and Europe and settle next business day.

Online Payments

If your customers send funds via online banking or bank app they can be routed directly into your named bank account for onward remittance.

Competitive FX Rate

We understand how competitive the remittance sector is, so we provide real-time rates close to the mid-market price based on your monthly flows, enabling you to be competitive and provide the best possible rate to your customers.

Online Platform

You will have complete visibility of all your accounts via one single user interface where you will see live balances across all your accounts, download statements, manage beneficiary bank accounts and instruct FX trades and payments.

Regulation and Compliance

Live screening via API integration, transaction sampling and site visits are all part of our initial and ongoing AML and KYC controls which we do in support of our MSB and FI customers. We believe in working together when it comes to compliance and sharing best practices and technologies with you.


We aim to make the onboarding as simple and efficient as possible with our process aligned with that of our cash collection partner meaning most of onboarding can be completed during a site visit to your premises. From there, our goal is to have you set-up and ready to go within 3 weeks.


No fees, no costs... minimum transfer amount for private and corporate clients

Stringent security settings

We named our company after it; S (secure) A (accurate) T (timely) Foreign Xchange. Client funds are held in segregated client bank accounts. Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 591774) and licensed and regulated by HMRC as a Money Services Business License Number 12251701. Monthly bank audits. Comprehensive compliance procedure

Personal account manager assigned as standard

We believe continuity results in efficiency

Free no obligation trade analysis

For all new corporate clients! Identify how we can save you money and agree transparent spreads before trading

Free phone/ email user support

For all SATFX trading platforms (Mon – Fri 9am – 5.30pm) plus free training should you/ your team require it

We pay any onward fees to transfer outstanding funds held with SATFX

If we don’t deliver on requirements and you decide to complete your currency transfer elsewhere

Receive our ‘small team’ customer service ethos

A personable approach described by clients as ‘a unique service rarely found in a profit motivated world’.

No jargon

We keep it simple. Tell us if we bombard you with jargon and we donate £5 to the charity –