Question: do you have to spend time to save time?

A key topic of conversation in the SATFX office is ‘how can we make sure we’re being efficient?’.

How can we ensure that our procedures streamline our activities and help us work smarter to make the most out of our day. More often than not, what this results in is lengthy discussions about potential changes and possible consequences which feels slightly counter intuitive and made me wonder: do you have to spend time to save time?

Similar to the saying: ‘you have to spend money to make money’ – can the same be said about time? Do you have to spend the time: discussing, evaluating, recording, implementing in order to save time?

An interesting article from the Business Insider  suggests that by spending money on time-saving activities can actually make you happier! The idea being that money is a commodity – a tool in itself used to ease our living – which is time.  The sole purpose of Money should be to enable us to cherish our time. But this doesn’t really answer the question – do we need to spend time to save time?

The Entrepreneur Europe provided an interesting perspective – by saying that since you can’t manipulate time you have to organise and prioritise your time in order to help save time (in the long-run). Ultimately, although time-saving solutions cost you time in the short-term but the long-term benefits outweigh this initial tax on your time.  Therefore, it’s important to not be afraid of technology which aims to save you time and accept that implementation time will only have an impact in the short-term.

If we assume that time saving solutions WILL help streamline your processes and enable you to be happier, more efficient and focus your time accurately we will continue to create new solutions that will help you save money and time – starting with the re-launch of SATFX Online.

Introducing the new SATFX Online Xero application:

SATFX Online was developed for accountants and small businesses to enable them to save time and money when processing foreign currency invoices. By integrating SATFX’s foreign currency trading platform with Xero, all Xero users eliminate international payment fees, gain access to the most competitive exchange rates with everything reconciled in Xero.

SATFX Online benefits at a glance:

  • Xero integrated foreign exchange app
  • Greater visibility and control across all your client payment activity
  • Full partnership programme with a personalised service
  • Various authentication access levels for client roles

For more information call us on +44 (0)1491 577550 Or read more on our website.


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