Top 5 time saving solutions for FX revealed

SATFX have over 25years worth of trading experience and we want to share our top 5 time saving solutions to make sure you’re spending your time on what’s truly important when completing your FX transactions.

When conducting foreign exchange transactions there are a lot of elements involved – most of which require careful consideration. However, here are some time saving techniques which will make sure you get more for your time and money:

1. Rate alerts

Rate alerts are a fantastic way to ensure that you never miss that key rate or protect your bottom line in case rates go lower.  Use an order or get your broker to monitor the rates for you. This service if offered by the majority of the key FX brokers so just sit back and let the broker work for you.  Sign-up to SATFX’s rate alerts here.

2. Reputable Broker

Make sure you build a relationship with a reputable broker. Using a reputable broker will ensure that their systems and team are able to support you whenever you require. On top of saving time using top-end solutions you will also get transparent rates ensuring you get the most from your money.

3. Pay less for more

Did you know that you actually get a better return on investment when transferring larger sums? If you think you will need to transfer multiple smaller amounts it will likely be more costs effective to complete one larger transaction. Even if you haven’t got all your money available you could still benefit. Talk to our specialists today to find out how our insight can benefit you: +44 (0)1491 577550

4. Forward trades

As you are aware FX rates move constantly. This perpetual motion can have both positive and negative consequences for the individual when making a trade. To ensure you seize the moment and do not miss out on an exceptional exchange rate SATFX allow you to book forward trades.  This involves you fixing the trade for a date in the future. Talk to us about how our Online platform, SATFX Online, can save you time and money with forward trades which reconcile into Xero.

5. Avoid purely automated services

The internet is a fantastic tool enabling an ‘always-on’ environment with everything at our fingertips, however, this may mean users are missing out on the personal interaction and support which used to enhance many services. This is especially true with FX services, because of this SATFX pride ourselves on our personal touch. We offer online services for your convenience, but we are also available on the telephone to offer advice and updates on payments.

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